Between The Covers “Final Hour” Interview

This is always one of my favorite interviews – with NRO’s John Miller, who can both read and think, not always guaranteed in an interviewer.  This one’s about The Final Hour.  Here’s the pull quote:

“The Left… convinces people that you can lie reality into submission, that if you don’t mention the war… the war will somehow disappear; by not dealing with the threat of Islamofascism and with the…  evil of Sharia law, that somehow the Islamic community will be flattered and mollified and will…  become less aggressive.  The truth is that this is a cancer in Islam and it has to be confronted.”

You can hear the whole politically incorrect thing here.

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  • Betty

    In response to your “pull quote” I would have to say, “so.” You have waited too long. You have enjoyed your leasure and making the American people fat with your, “we are the greatest nation on earth montra”  and now they’re too fat to get off their butts to do anything. And add to that your capitalist religion ruining the American economy and the Republicans blocking all fixes in order to destroy Obama and the American attention span being shortened as it is by commercialism and all you can do is whine like a silly girl. So hold on buddy. You sowed to the wind and you are getting ready to reap the whirlwind. And there is absolutely nothing you can do about it except repent of your evil and turn to Jesus.