Andrew to Join GBTV

Andrew has agreed to produce satirical commentary videos for Glenn Beck’s new GBTV.  Beck’s online network began live broadcasts September 12.  Andrew’s contract calls for him to produce four videos a month for the next sixth months.  The videos, to be entitled Very Serious Commentary,  will appear on Beck’s show.  As the contract restricts self-competition, Andrew’s Klavan on the Culture videos for PJTV will be suspended.

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  • Karen

    boo hiss. Will miss seeing Klavanon the Culture. One of the bright moments in all this silly mess.

  • Stevendfriedel

    Do I have to pay for this too?

  • Crbink

    Greed wins again.

  • DS

    I’m glad to hear this, it’s an exciting addition to the already great GBTV!

  • Anonymous

    Very sorry to hear Klavan on the Culture is suspended.  Beck wants to push John Stewart off the air, and Klavan is clever enough to compete with him, unlike many other conservative operations that can’t construct a joke, but how can a PAY internet service compete with Comedy Central?

  • Rmshearerkenmore

    Aww man…the only thing that made me laugh lately..

  • Keb

    I’ve seen your first two videos on and loved them!  Keep it up!