Travel Week

Back at home after a week of zipping around the country.  I was in Nashville on Monday and Tuesday to meet with my friends and publishers at Thomas Nelson.  They were having a sales conference and I was there to introduce my new young adult novel Crazy Dangerous. Book has a terrific jacket, but I haven’t got a postable copy yet. When I do, I’ll post it. Some of the TN fiction staff were also kind enough to take me to Puckett’s for some country music, which was great.  I’m still recovering from the shrimp and grits I ordered. Coast-dwelling creature that I am, I imagined a couple of shrimps delicately displayed atop a thin layer of creamy white grits. Welcome to the south, pal.  A cement truck backed up to the table and poured this stuff into a humongous bowl—okay, not really, but you get the picture. Absolutely delicious, but heavy, dude, heavy.

From there, I came back to Los Angeles where I spent the night so I could attend a conference of the Wedgwood Circle.  The group is dedicated to supporting “the good, true and beautiful” in the arts.  I discussed ghost stories, after showing clips from my favorite, The Innocents, and the very good Paranormal Activity.  I always feel like a bit of an outsider at these things because I believe that very dark, even twisted, stories can sometimes be the best way to show the good, true and beautiful—not the usual Christian point of view.  I made my case though and would like to adapt the brief talk into an article, as soon as I have two minutes to scrape together.  Anyone interested in paying me fantastic amounts of money to do this, please get in touch.

Finally, I was off to New York, where I recorded two new “Very Serious Commentary” segments for GBTV.  I’ve been really happy with the first few, especially because I think the post-production work is getting better and better as they go along.  Really like the GBTV staff too, I have to say.  Smart, young, eager, professional.  Speaks well of Glenn that the people who worked for him in the past at CNN and Fox want to go on working with him in this new venture.

So a busy week—and all the while, trying to meet my deadlines.  I’m about two days away from handing in my latest adult thriller, and about a week (I hope) away from finishing a first draft of a new YA. I’ve had to hire someone to get some sleep for me.  Oddly, that arrangement is not working out all that well.

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