Celebrating “Agnes”

As you can see in the news section, several of my out-of-print titles will become available as e-books this month at MysteriousPress.com. And I can, in good conscience, recommend them all to mystery fans. They hold up well, if I say so myself. However, I have to confess that I am most excited about the e-publication of the only non-mystery among them, Agnes Mallory. The book was published to excellent reviews in the UK (1995, I think), but never found a publisher in the U.S.  If I thought that was because the book wasn’t any good, I wouldn’t allow it to be published now. But the problem was simply that I hadn’t really made my name yet and couldn’t get a book out of my genre sold. The book remains, I think, worthwhile and a good read. I hope some of you who enjoy the mysteries will give it a try. It’s for adults, not young people.

Nice new jacket too:

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  • Diesis2339

    Will The Scarred Man be getting an ebook release?

  • http://www.andrewklavan.com Andrew Klavan

    I’m checking on this. It was supposed to, but there was apparently a glitch which I’ll proceed to work out.