New Video Interview

This is kind of cool.  As noted here last week, some of my out-of-print work is now being made available via  Here’s a video made by Open Road Media to promote the fresh releases of The Scarred Man, Agnes Mallory, The Animal Hour and others.

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  • Ramparts360

    The mystery of consciousness and the truth about reality. That is what motivated me to pursue yoga in 1969. Check out Bhagavad-gita As It Is by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami.
    Read it free online >

    LOVE your stuff btw Andrew! Keep on blastin’!

  • Bill Sweet

    Another mystery of consciousness is prayer.  I just got Andrew’s “War on Terror” essay of Sept. 12th. Religion and prayer provide instances of abuse in the Names of God.  I am a prayer researcher with Along with the positive aspects of spirituality and prayer, Spindrift has shown examples of prayer used as a weapon against anyone not in agreement with the prayer-senders.  When the psychic aspect to thoughts sent out, including prayers, is better grasped people will take better care of what they think and do (Spindrift hopes).  –  Bill Sweet author