Summit Renews “Homelanders” Option

Summit Entertainment—which scored big this past weekend with its new Twilight Saga film—has renewed its film option on Andrew’s Homelanders series of thriller novels for young adults. Word is that the script for the film is still being written, overseen by Miles Millar and Al Gough, whose credits include Smallville on TV and the films Shanghai NoonSpider-Man 2 and I Am Number Four. Lorenzo di Bonaventura of Di Bonaventura Pictures, makers of Salt and Transformers, is producing.  The Homelanders tetralogy begins with The Last Thing I Remember and ends with The Final Hour, all available at bookstores and on Amazon.

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  • Mark Andrew Edwards

    They didn’t hire you to do a screenplay draft, Andrew? That’s too bad.

  • Classic Liberal

    Andrew you have acted (deceptively?) unphased about Summit’s decision to drop what was a huge component of the HOMELANDERS series — the danger posed by Islamic radicalism — in favor of some crapola about an alien invasion or something, but I know it pisses you off.  (I mean how could it not?) 

    And I know how difficult-bordering-on-impossible it is to get a movie made and how this probably makes you reluctant to “rock the boat,” as it were, but it HAS to rankle you — so how long before you go public with how infuriated you are?  1 year?  10 years?  Never?  I’m very curious.   

  • Anonymous

    Well, I do agree, but remember the 50′s scifi was really about the fear of communism, so in a way… ya know… teaching w/o offending…  

  • Classic Liberal

    Yeah but what’s crazy is that our on-screen enemies during World War reflected the ones we were facing in reality, so you had Bogie, Flynn, Wayne, et al. vs. the Germans and the Japanese, and no one thought twice about it.  

    And during the cold war it was the Yanks vs. the Commies and nobody gave a damn.  

    But now we’ve got an enemy that flies jetliners into buildings and whose acolytes are blowing themselves and our servicemen up on an almost daily basis  and we have to be ALLEGORICAL about it?   

    What the hell went wrong…?

  • Ksm091

    Are they hiring on this movie right now? I really want to go to audition for this movie