After “Empire” Cancellation, “ID Man” Gets French Release

French publisher Calmann Levy has published Andrew’s latest adult thriller The Identity Man under the title Un tout autre homme. The novel tells the story of a thief, John Shannon, given a new identity and a chance to redeem himself in a corrupt and burned out city. The Calmann Levy edition is Andrew’s first French publication since publisher Seuil Policiers cancelled its planned publication of Empire of Lies. After editor Robert Pepin left Seuil Policiers, the publisher said it could not publish the tale of a conservative Christian’s fight against Islamo-fascism “because of the political and religious aspects of the story.” Empire has not found another French publisher, though Pepin, moving to Calmann Levy, bought Identity Man.  In America, Identity Man is now available in trade paperback format.

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  • charles b. murphy

    Oi vey, the French. I thought they just confirmed their dedication to the free press after the burning of the Charlie Magazine office.