Lars Walker on Agnes Mallory

Lars Walker is a fantasy novelist who, I’ve noticed, occasionally leaves literate and intelligent comments here and at my PJ Media blog. Now, at the C.S. Lewis inspired journal Touchstone Magazine, he gives a lovely review to my novel Agnes Mallory, which was just recently released as an e-book by Otto Penzler’s I find this particularly gratifying as Agnes was a rare step outside of the crime genre for me and, while it came out to good reviews in the UK, has never before had a US release.

In a review headlined “Klavan’s Agnes Mallory Will Break Your Heart,” Walker writes:

He wrestles with the disconnect between our yearnings and our moral aspirations, as contrasted with our imperfect nature and our selfishness. Behind all looms the specter of the Holocaust—an event Harry’s family won’t think about and Agnes’s family can’t forget.

I loved this book. Of course I love (almost) all Klavan’s books. He knows how to make you feel cold and heat, he thumbs his nose at contemporary proprieties, and he knows when to clown a bit to relieve the tension. I recommend Agnes Mallory highly, for those who have a stomach for the numerous profanities and the earthy treatment of sex.

Read the whole thing here.

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  • Roy Jacobsen

    I’m going to take this opportunity to flog my friend Lars’ work. If you haven’t already, please do check out his latest, “West Overseas,” a ripping good Viking fantasy (I’ve just decided that–if it isn’t already–we need to label that as a specific genre). Here are the B&N and Amazon links to his published work:

    He has a forthcoming e-book called “Troll Valley.” You can read a couple of teasers at Brandywine Books (, where Lars is co-blogger.

    Shameless, I know. But I’m doing this to promote a friend and a good writer who should be better known than he currently is. Please do click the links and give his books a shot. If you like Andrew, I’m betting you’ll like Lars Walker.

  • Andrew Klavan

    Thanks, Roy. I’ve ordered my copy, though it may take a while to get to it. I’ll look forward to it. AK