GBTV Interview

Here’s a good interview GBTV‘s Scott Baker did with me last week:

If you haven’t subscribed yet… why?

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  • Nattan Fichman

    Dear Andrew,

    I am a full year GBTV subscriber since September.  I was thrilled to find out you were engaged by them to produce some of your brilliant pieces.

    As an admirer of yours I looked forward to enjoy your commentaries, but I was greatly disappointed to find out it was impossible to find more than two or three of your appearances. And the help desk at GBTV were useless.

    GBTV seem to hide you. Where are you on GBTV?!

    Seasons greetings and a happy new year
    Nattan Fichman

  • Andrew Klavan

    Thanks, Nattan. It’s early days. GBTV is still a work in progress. I’m hoping their search facilities improve in the new year. Meanwhile, whenever they make the commentaries public on YouTube, I try to spread them around. AK

  • Orionift

    I feel the same way man.  It’s like he has a terrible work ethic when it comes to gbtv. It’s very disappointing to wait all day for his show, then he has a fill in host. I’m about to call his program quits.


  • Nattan Fichman

    Ralph, the problem is with GBTV, not with Andrew Klavan. Andrew has an excellent work ethic. It is GBTV that creates the problem. Andrew is simply much better than anything I’ve watched on B.S. of America. He sets a very high standard that GBTV does not want us to see. ‘Playing politics’, I guess.