Thanks – And Now Back to Work

Thank you for all your holiday wishes in emails and on Facebook.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are ready to face 2012 with vim, whatever that is, and also vigor. As for myself, today I begin work on two new projects, both of which will take me in completely new directions.  I’m not allowed to talk about one of them and I don’t feel comfortable talking about the other until it’s well and truly underway…  so, uh, there we are. But I also head back to New York this week to tape some new satire videos for my friends at GBTV and will soon get to work on the third in my series of animated videos for the Manhattan Institute. My blog-column at PJ Media is up and running again as well. And I hope to have some publishable news on the movie front right soon.

So, in other words, back into the fray we go.

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  • da rabbi

    Give ‘em Heaven, Klavan!