Teen Ink Interview

I thought the teens at Teen Ink did a really good job with this interview. It was nice talking to them too. Here’s one part I liked particularly, with some excellent advice, if I say so myself, for aspiring screenwriters:

RH- How much say do the screenwriters have in the actual plot of a movie-script?

AK- Actually, very little! That’s one of the reasons that people who only write screenplays end up very unhappy. You can be fired off your own screenplay, have it taken away and totally changed; and you’re pretty low on the power list. If the director or the movie-star wants to change it, it’s hard for you to fight that fight on the basis that you’re the expert in storytelling and know what will come out better.

It can be pretty frustrating when people who don’t know how to tell stories take something away from you and change it. So, it’s something you have to live with as a screenwriter. The smartest thing I think you can do is always continue to write things that belong only to you so that you have an outlet for your own creativity, and a means to express your own ideas.

Read the whole interview here.

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