Animal Hour Comes Round Again

Nice news — over in the news section — that my screenplay adaptation of my novel Animal Hour has been optioned for film. I was always fond of the premise of this book. Girl goes to work. No one knows who she is! She gets thrown out of her own office by people she thinks are her friends and soon finds herself being chased all over New York City as she tries to recover her identity before the mysterious and potentially disastrous “Animal Hour,” which is coming all too soon.

I probably shouldn’t say who it is, but there’s a really talented director attached to the project, so I have some hopes for the movie — though, as we know, the road to film is notoriously riddled with potholes…  that go down and down and down forever. Which, hey, is a good reason to read the book! And — what do you know? — while the book has been out of print for a while, it only just recently became available as an e-book from my friends over at So go there and buy it! Here’s a picture of the spooky jacket:

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  • Mark Finney

    See Andrew Beck did you right  Gratzs!

  • Urbana

    Just read this book for the second time and I can’t understand it’s not out as a movie already. Looking forward to it.

  • Andrew Klavan

    They’re working on this one too.