Andrew’s Favorite Joke Revealed!

An essay by Andrew entitled “No Joke” will appear in the next issue of City Journal, and should be available online, appropriately enough, early in April.  The article tells Andrew’s favorite joke and explains why many fiction writers think it’s the funniest joke ever told — and why no one else thinks it’s funny at all.  Andrew is a contributing editor to the Journal.  His last article for CJ was a memorial tribute to Andrew Breitbart.

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  • Brad

    ahhh, what a tease you are, Mr. Klavan

    I look forward to reading said joke – and offer one I am familar with in hope that you get a smile…

    A man was driving down an unfamilar road and saw a pig rooting in the median.  H stopped and coaxed the pig into his back seat, intending to deliver him to a nearby farm where they might know the owner.  He left the window down, so the pig stuck his head out he window. 
    As he drove along, a policeman saw the pig enjoying the breeze and gave chase to the car, bringing him eventually to a stop. 
    “I don’t know what you think you are doing, sir,” said the policeman. “You take that pig to the zoo immediately!”
    “Yes, sir,” the man said.
    A few days later, the policeman saw the same car, same pig hanging his head out the window, so he gave case and again stopped the car.
    “I told you to take that pig to the zoo!” he admonished the driver.
    “Yes, sir, I did just as you told me,” said the driver. ”And we had such a good time there we are going to Disneyland.”