Blog Reviews Start for “Crazy Dangerous”

I notice that bloggers have begun posting early reviews for Crazy Dangerous, my thriller novel for young adults — officially published May 1st but available at Amazon, so hit the link!  Here’s a few excerpts from the first reactions:

“Crazy Dangerous by Andrew Klavan was a reading joy. It housed excellent characters, a twisting and twirling plot, as well as a encouraging worldview…  Even more so than Klavan’s YA series, The HomelandersCrazy Dangerous manages to balance a positive message with riviting action. The first person narrative we are given in Sam Huggin’s point of view was done well and bonding with him was an easy ‘task’. And though Sam was an excellent character, my hat goes off to Klavan’s writing of Jennifer. She was absolutely superb. By far one of the most interesting and lovable characters I’ve read recently. Crazy Dangerous avoided worn-out cliches and walked a razor’s edge between a spiritual soaked thriller and a mentally disturbed noire genre book; refusing to fall into the ditch on either side it succeeds in being a heart-pounding read.” OneHundredElectricians.

“This was probably one of the most impressive Christian fiction books I have read to review. It is an extremely fast paced, edgy, young adult novel. I wasn’t expecting to have this much trouble putting down the book when I began it, but I kept wanting to know what would happen next.”  AnInnovativePursuit.

“This is a great young adult read, about a bored preachers kid (teen) and about how he stirs up trouble with a new notorious group of people and meets a girl who everyone thinks is schizophrenic. This is not just a book for teens but adults as well. It’s full of action and adventure and keeps you wondering what Sam is gonna do next.”  Kensbookreviews.

“A marvelous new book has come out by Andrew Klavan called Crazy Dangerous.  Published by Thomas Nelson, it is slated as a teen novel but I think anyone would enjoy it.  The story was so intense that I did not want to put the book down.”  Kathreview

“I just finished the book CRAZY DANGEROUS by Andrew Klavan, and I must say, I loved it! This was one book I literally could not put down. I received the book in the late afternoon, and finished it the same night.” toddvandahm.

Once again, Crazy Dangerous is available at the link.

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