More Advanced Reviews of “Crazy Dangerous”

My new adventure novel Crazy Dangerous, officially published next week but already available at the link,  is making the rounds among book bloggers and continues to garner nice reviews. This site, Wall-to-Wall Books is giving away a prize book and has this to say:

“This book was crazy good! One word comes to mind when describing this book – AMAZING!  This story starts out amazing on the first page. It was so intense I was hooked right from the beginning. It takes you on a rollercoster ride that never stops till the end of the book.”

Here’s another review from a site called Of Battles, Dragons and Swords of Adamant:

“All in all, a great action read! Don’t pick this book up unless you have time to finish it in one sitting! You won’t want to put it down.”

And one from a teenage writer at a site called Teenage Writer:

“Klavan grabs your attention with a talkative and interesting main character, and then hooks you with the action and runs you until you reach the satisfying end. And don’t worry, there’s some great plot twists. Klavan keeps you guessing, and even leaves a little mystery at the end to leave you thinking after you finish the final page.”

The book’s available here.

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  • E. Lee Zimmerman

    You want me to do a review?  Feel free to contact me.  I love a good read.

  • Knights7

    Crazy Dangerous: Totally awesome book! Just finished it a few minutes ago and LOVED it.
    It was well paced. Jenifer was a very intriguing character that reminded me of Crazy Mary in the Homelanders series.

    Andrew: You have become my most favorite author. Each books that you write is better than the one before.