Podcast: Talking About Novel Writing


I joined my friends and colleagues James Lileks and C.J. Box this past week to discuss the fine art of writing novels on a Ricochet podcast. A good discussion, I thought, available at the link — with some time to chat about my new adventure novel Crazy Dangerous.


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  • Rhonda Keith Stephens

    This podcast was fascinating. I want to add a comment about serial killers in fiction, movies, etc. I think they’re so popular with writers because it’s an easy plot device — no motive is necessary for the action — and no motive is necessary for evil. That is, evil just exists, like a chemical quirk in the brain, it’s not a matter of moral choice. In my first (now self-published) novel, The Man from Scratch, everything that happens is a result of choices made for the usual reasons: love of power and money and self-protection. Evil is not an accident of nature. Not that it can’t be in humans, sometimes, but generally we have the power to choose. That’s what gives literature meaning.

    I’m a big fan of your political vids, by the way.

    Rhonda Keith Stephens