“Big Hollywood” Reviews “Crazy Dangerous”

I freely admit that John Nolte is a friend of mine, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. But I feel free to put up his lovely Big Hollywood review of Crazy Dangerous because the truth is he wouldn’t give a good review to a book he didn’t like even if you let the air out of his tires. And I know, because I tried it. Anyway, it’s good stuff:

One of Klavan’s great gifts as a storyteller is how effective he is at putting his protagonist through more and more hell. No matter how hard his characters try to extricate themselves, with every turn of the page they find themselves deeper and deeper in what had already seemed like an impossible situation. And not just through circumstance, but emotionally.

But best of all, with Crazy Dangerous, Klavan remains an example of what an artist with something to say should be. There is no message in “Crazy Dangerous,” just a simple theme of “Do right. Fear nothing.,” wrapped in an exciting, page-turning tale that extols the virtues of self-sacrifice, chivalry, honesty, and admitting you’re wrong  in a way that doesn’t hide the fact that there’s a price to pay in this world for believing such things or that the price is worth the ultimate reward.

Read the whole thing here. You might also look here for the Noltenator’s reaction to a less positive review of the book that was clearly fueled by political and religious animosity!


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  • midnightgolfer

    As the spouse of a paranoid schizophrenic, who currently isn’t exactly functioning, I am especially curious to read this book, when I get a chance.