Redeemed Reader Interview

As part of the Crazy Dangerous blog tour just ending, I gave this interview to Redeemed Reader. Came out pretty well I think. Here’s the opening.

I love what you said in an interview with WORLD Magazine a couple of years ago: “Becoming a Christian actually made me less likely to use Christian symbolism and structures in my work because now I see Christ’s presence underlying all of life—I don’t have to place Him there artistically. . . . I trust reality to express Christ’s presence, because I think that’s what it actually does.” How does Christ show up in Crazy Dangerous? Or is that a question for every reader to decide for himself?

Yes, it is a question for each reader to answer — or not — just as it is in life. It’s not that my stories don’t raise issues of faith and spirituality and even specifically Christian faith. Of course they do. People ask those questions and think about those things, so characters in books should ask and think about them too. In Crazy Dangerous, Sam runs into some very basic questions about the nature of reality and whether there is anything “magical” or supernatural in it and how that works. But if God answered our questions definitively in life, he would deprive us of our freedom to choose – the freedom that gives our choices their legitimacy. And likewise an author deprives his readers of the freedom to read his stories as they see fit when he limits the possible ways in which the story can be understood.

The rest is here.  And have I mentioned you can buy the book here?

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