Andrew to Celebrate Otto Penzler’s Twilight Years

Andrew will be traveling to New York next week for a gala celebration of the birthday of Otto Penzler. Penzler will be turning 137, breaking the age record for aggravating curmudgeons of 136, set by himself. Penzler, who owns and operates the Mysterious Bookshop on Warren Street in Manhattan, is widely considered to be the foremost expert on crime fiction within the store. He is also the editor of Andrew’s books under the Mysterious Press imprint at Grove/Atlantic. A long-time friend, Andrew sent Penzler a touching birthday note, reading in part, “Listen, no one lives forever, man. Enough is enough. And by the way, did you make those changes to the will we talked about?” Andrew is looking forward to the celebration, where it is rumored the Queen of England will also be in attendance. Or possibly a queen from England. In any case, alcohol will be on sale at cut rate prices, which is good enough for Andrew.

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