A Gratifying Victory

Over at Breitbart’s Big Hollywood, movie maven Christian Toto points out that some members of the media are finally coming around to agree with my Wall Street Journal piece about The Dark Knight Rises. This is, as Christian points out, a victory for new media, which spread the word — not about my piece but about the obvious facts of the matter, which I, among many others, merely pointed out and which many journalists tried so hard to ignore.

Toto writes:

“The Dark Knight’s” plot connection to the fading, violent OWS crowd is an obvious one. Even an apolitical pal concurred after we took in the film together just before its nation-wide release.

The press, however, couldn’t be bothered to state the obvious. Then, web-based reporters like the great Andrew Klavan eloquently led the charge, rubbing the press’ face in the truth.

Now, we see as mainstream an outlet as USA Today agreeing with New Media while reporting on this year’s OWS-themed pictures.

He may be making up the “great” part but the point that more media mean more honesty is an important one. Read the whole thing here.


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