First Pre-Pub Review of “If We Survive”

If We Survive, my new novel for young adults, is due out in November and is just getting its first pre-publication reviews. I can’t help noticing that more and more reviews of my books make disparaging references to my politics and religion — even when they admit the book is good! This is in keeping with the almost constant reviewer rule that a book or film that supports “social justice,” atheism or environmentalism, say, is just a story without an agenda, whereas a book that mentions God or liberty is, whoa, getting waaaay too political and religious.

Nonetheless, the reviewer at the trade publication Kirkus seems to have choked back his or her dismay at “the transparency of Klavan’s political agenda,” to send at least a little praise my way. The review’s final line declares the book:  ”Fast-paced with multiple threats, genuine tension and lots of machine guns.”

So there you go. And, by the way, when they say “lots of machine guns,” they mean lots! Pre-order the book here.

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  • Michael Hutton


    Any hack whose politics conforms to the reviewer’s (or to the norm) will get a free pass on the politics. Being the same it is unnoticed, part of the bland background. Even a truly great writer will get reactions if his politics (or view of life or ethics or etc) is contrary to the norms. It will raise splinters in the readers because he dares go against the grain.

    That’s what’s happening here.

    God bless,

  • Sandra Stiles

    This is the reason I keep your books on my shelves at school. I want to make sure I have good quality books out there for my students. Public schools need them more than ever. With all the LGBT lit out there works like yours raise a flag. I say not only should you raise the flag but you should wave it vigorously.