“Advent Reunion” In List of Scariest Ghost Stories

Advent Reunion started as a video, still available on YouTube.


In time for Halloween — and to promote his Big Book of Ghost Stories — editor Otto Penzler has listed his pick for the fourteen scariest ghost stories. I’m proud to say my own “Advent Reunion,” which is included in the big book, makes the grade. This is all the more pleasant for a ghost story maniac like myself because the rest of the list is so good. I’ve read ten of the fourteen stories and “August Heat,” “Oh Whistle and I’ll Come To Ye, My Lad,” Thurnley Abbey,” and “The Open Window,” are undeniable classics of the genre. “The Monkey’s Paw,” also on the list, is my choice for the scariest ghost story ever written. It’s an honor to have my own little tale listed alongside them.

Hit the link to read the full list.

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