Booklist: “Klavan Writes Good Books, Damn Him!”

Another pre-publication review for If We Survive. This one from the trade publication Booklist. If I read this one correctly, it translates to: “Beware! Klavan is a Christian conservative…  but actually his book is very good!”

The reviewer goes out of his way to work the word Christian into his (somewhat mistaken) description of the book. Then concludes:

“Though Klavan’s conservative messages aren’t pushed as strongly here as they were in the Homelanders series, some supporting characters do feel purposeful. The prose veers between flippant (“I was hungry. As in: way hungry”) and quite emotional, as when Will, about to be executed, envisions his enemies as beautiful. Klavan can certainly orchestrate action, making this a natural for fans of David Gilman’s Danger Zone series.”

It’s as if the novel dragged praise out this reviewer by brute force. It is difficult to imagine him describing a novel as pushing atheism (by creating heroes who don’t pray when they’re in trouble) or environmentalism (by accepting the canard of catastrophic manmade global warming). But simply by describing Communists and jihadis exactly as they are, I am pushing a conservative message.

Ah well. I’m not complaining, believe me. Just putting it on record. More importantly, please hit the link and buy the book — it’s shipping now!

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  • Timothy

    Well after that review, I have an easy choice. BUY IT! :)

  • Sharon

    Outstanding! As I read the book, I could hear Andrew Klavan’s voice in the text. The style and tempo so uniquely his. I loved the book and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. This is the first Klavan book I’ve read, but you can bet there will be more. Great work, Andrew.