Homelanders Movie Update

What to do while waiting for the Homelanders movie!


Next to “How do you keep your boyish good looks?” the question I’m asked most often is “When will the Homelanders movie come out?” The answer is I keep a portrait of myself in the attic and while it grows older, I remain supernaturally young. Oh — and the other answer is: I don’t know. The development of a movie is always a long process and this one has suffered some particularly frustrating delays. First, it took a long time for the producers to locate the proper screenwriter, then the writer was called away to do emergency work on another of his projects, and then another movie with a slightly similar theme caused the producers to feel the script needed changing…  and so on.

Now a script has finally been written. I haven’t read it, but I hear it’s good.  As always, however, the studio and producer have “notes,” which means they want a rewrite, so it’s gone back to the drawing board, as almost all scripts do.

Understand that I am not participating in this process and have no say in it — though I like the people involved and think they could produce a very good movie in the long run. But it is a long run.

My advice for fans of the series who can’t wait: read my new book If We Survive. Despite what it says on the Amazon site, it’s not part of the series, but it is the same kind of high-adrenaline action thriller — this one involving four kids caught behind enemy lines during a Communist revolution. And, of course, if you want me to keep writing ‘em, you gotta keep reading ‘em!

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  • Daniel

    OH! I’m so excited! Finally some news! Homelanders is one of my most favorite series!

    Thanks Andrew!