A Couple of Interviews – And An Excerpt

Well, there’s lots of me going around these days, as I continue doing interviews to promote If We Survive.  Two particularly good ones, I thought, were this one with the stunning Alexis Garcia from PJTV, and this from the less stunning but always entertaining John Miller from NRO’s Between the Covers.  If you haven’t had your fill of me, both are entertaining.

And hey, have I mentioned I have a new book out?  Excellent Christmas gift for the young adult in your life, or the strange uncle who likes to pretend he’s a young adult. Here’s an excerpt, to whet your appetite.

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  • FredKey

    Thank you, sir — enjoyed the John Miller interview, which I listened to this morning on the way in. I’ve been copyediting YA books for a few years (until the end of the year, when my company is inexplicably moving the jobs to California) and wish we had been doing yours. So whenever you are ready to start that publishing company and get the culture moving in a better direction, I volunteer my services.