My Strange Day

William Faulkner was once asked how he wanted his obituary to read. His answer: “He wrote the books and died.” Meaning no comparison to Faulkner’s greatness, this was how I always approached my own career. I very much wanted to write stories and essays that moved people and inspired them, that they enjoyed and remembered. But I never felt any particular need to be recognized myself, to be interviewed or celebrated. Our new world in which you are judged by how many friends and followers you have or how many times you appear on TV has always been something of alien territory to me. Read my books and I’m happy.

So this week when the folks at Glenn Beck’s The Blaze called me up and asked me to guest host Glenn’s TV show on short notice, I at first said no. I was snowed under with work and obligations and, frankly, I have no idea how to host a TV show.

But after I hung up, I thought again. I’m very fond of Glenn and his youthful, talented crew, and I admire what they do. Plus they’ve always been terribly generous to me and they were in a bind because Glenn had injured his back. So I rearranged my days, called back and said okay.

The next thing I knew I was on a plane heading for Dallas. The next thing I knew after that I was standing in front of a camera saying, “Hello America, I’m Andrew Klavan, standing in for Glenn Beck!” And the next thing I knew after that, I was back home in California on the evening of the same day. As I came through the door, I said to my wife, “Did that actually just happen?” I’m still not sure.

But there is some evidence that it might have. Hit the link and you can see an excerpt in which I interview Ann Coulter about, among other things, her new book Mugged. Or subscribe and you can watch the whole thing.

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