A Nice Review From FictionAddict.Com

Getting a good review from FictionAddict.com — “Fiction Addict: Helping You Find Your Next Fix” — makes me feel like my books should be sold on the street corner by a guy in a raincoat! Obviously, I’m kidding. More seriously, I was pleased by Josh Olds’ take on If We Survive, my young adult thriller that tells of four teens caught behind enemy lines during a communist revolution in Central America. Josh writes:

Andrew Klavan has created a brilliant edge of your seat thriller with this one… This was an adventure of nearly epic proportions packaged into book format… If you’re a fan of Andrew Klavan’s, this will definitely be right up your alley. If this is your first foray into his universe you may want to hold on—the ride’s pretty wild.

Those are just some excerpts. The whole thing is here — including a warning that if you’re easily upset by the idea of kids in danger you should take a pass.

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  • Daniel

    I totally agree with that statement above. The book was EPIC.