Klavan in Chains!


I don’t do this sort of thing often, but I really enjoyed speaking to the high school age students of the Second Baptist School in Houston during their Book Fair last week. What a great school, truly. Great kids, terrific librarians, and the few teachers I met also seemed top-notch. They arranged a place for me to sign books: a setting inspired by the first entry in my Homelanders series, The Last Thing I Remember. The hero, Charlie West, mysteriously wakes up in a cell with a single light bulb hanging over him — and there I am!

I later escaped the solid Christian values of SBS and the booming economy of Texas and made my way back to California…  Wait a minute! What was I thinking???


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  • Michael

    Good on you Andrew. Not much leverage for you in visiting a school. But some kids will learn to read and think because you were there.

  • http://twitter.com/juliadreams76 julia dreams

    Love it!! So glad you took a chance on us!

  • Ginger

    SBS was honored and blessed to have you! Thanks for mentioning SBS and acknowledging our Christian values – we could receive no greater compliment than the acknowledgement that it is evident we love Christ! You have opened up a whole new world to so many young kids by getting them excited about reading and what a gift it was for them to meet the man behind the books and hear his story. As a parebt, I can’t thank you enough for writing books that include God and provide good messages for young readers!