“Killer in the Wind” in Mystery Scene

“Andrew Klavan Focuses on Heroes, Victims” is the interesting headline on a good, short interview with me in Mystery Scene Magazine. The interview focuses on my new thriller for adults, “A Killer in the Wind,” and the headline comes from this exchange with interviewer Oline Codgill:

A Killer in the Wind is unflinching in its look at child trafficking, yet the novel is never lurid. What is the greatest challenge as a novelist in using sex trafficking as a background?
You hit it right on the head. I did not want to be lurid or in any way prurient. I wanted the reader’s mind and heart with the victims and with the hero at every moment. There are a lot of writers and filmmakers who pride themselves on taking a sympathetic look at evil, bringing the audience into the mind of, say, a killer. Well, I’m sympathetic toward the soul that’s lost to evil—that’s a spiritual tragedy—but I think fiction perverts the moral universe when it leads you into the mind of a villian without giving you a full understanding, awareness and empathy for the victims of his crime.

You can read the whole thing here.

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