Great Launch for Haunting Melissa


Wow, I couldn’t be happier with the way Neal Edelstein and the Haunting Melissa team introduced this new ghost story — and this new form of entertainment —to the world. Lots of good press about it like here and here, creepy trailers here and here, even an encouraging tweet from Avril Lavigne! The app has been roaring up the various app best seller lists, and people are really getting into it — and no wonder, it’s genuinely cutting edge entertainment technology, the first of its kind, and the first, I suspect, of many more to come.

Plus it’s a good ghost story! (Okay, I wrote it, but still.) Just wait – it’s got lots of surprises and fresh material coming, both in terms of pure story and technological coolness. If you haven’t gotten your free download yet, treat yourself. Don’t forget to use headphones. You get a lot more out of it that way, I think.

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  • Daniel Kuehn

    That’s REALLY cool! That will be cool to see. . .

    Is there any news about The Last Thing I Remember movie??? There IS a fan base waiting to hear about the movie.

  • Sean Hood

    I loved reading the script Andrew, and I excited to see how it’s all been visualized!

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