Joy from Missouri, Help from B&N, Praise from Shay!

Cast of “Last Thing I Remember”


It’s a pleasure to share some really nice moments from this week.

Award-winning teacher Jeni DeFeo out of Jefferson City Missouri and her sixth grade Literacy Class from Thomas Jefferson Middle School really made my day. They were so taken with the Last Thing I Remember, the first novel in my Homelanders series of thrillers for young adults, that they decided to turn it into a film. Here’s the story from the local paper — and here’s the film itself. Just a great job…  and nice to see someone could get the film made since the project has languished in Hollywood!

Barnes & Noble gave a push to If We Survive - my novel about four teenagers caught behind enemy lines during a revolution in Central America. The book has been nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award as best young adult of the year, and B&N did a page featuring all the nominees.

And last but by no means least, Haunting Melissathe innovative new ghost story movie app from my friend producer Neal Edelstein, with a script by me, continues to garner both praise and downloads. Check the news story to your left to see plaudits from Entertainment Weekly and Good Morning America. But I was also delighted by a tweet from the lovely Shay Mitchell of the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars. “I have the chills from watching #HauntingMelissa. Creepy, scary!!” Shay tweeted. Thank you, Shay.

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