Lots of Cool “Haunting Melissa” Stuff

[Update. My Twitter Q&A on Haunting Melissa is now scheduled for 9:30 AM PST Thursday the 25th. Submit questions prior to that to @hauntingmelissa.]

If you haven’t yet downloaded the unique and frightening ghost story app Haunting Melissa (screenplay by me) for your iPhone or iPad, you really should get cracking. Not having an iPhone or iPad is no excuse, since you can always sell your android and use the cash to buy one! Aside from the spooky story and innovative delivery system and extremely neat-o technology, there’s also a lot of cool stuff growing up around the HM story: an excellent Forum and Facebook page and some really interesting Twitter discussions. In fact, I’m supposed to answer questions about Haunting M this Thursday morning on Twitter, though the time hasn’t yet been set. You can find out about all these things by visiting the Haunting Melissa site.

One of my favorite additions has been Fan Art. If you submit some on the Facebook page it may be featured on the central site. I really like the one above by Stevie, which takes an entire scene and reduces it to a comic panel.

Anyway, there’s a lot more stuff in the works. The feedback I’m getting on the story itself has been excellent. I’m told it just gets scarier and scarier with every episode. Which was the point. Check it out.

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