“Haunting Melissa” Is “I-Thing of the Week”

(The photo above shows Haunting Melissa director Neal Edelstein hard at work filming the story while I get in people’s way!)

I am, of course, ALWAYS the I-Thing of MY week, but I was delighted to see that Haunting Melissa, the ground-breaking ghost-movie app for i-devices with a script by your obt svt, was named “I-Thing of the Week,” by Gonna Geek at GonnaGeek.com.  Michelle Ealey, who says she’s been a geek for as long she can remember, writes the review:

The storytelling method isn’t revolutionary, but its delivery method is. Relying on the stability of a separate app is not necessary. No theater, no TV, no YouTube, and no Netflix are needed – the story is delivered straight to your iDevice. Many people have iDevices, so being able to directly send the story straight to an audience could open this market to other storytellers; without the need of another app, you can watch Haunting Melissa with just your iDevice and an internet connection to download the next installment.

You can read the whole thing here. And you can follow the link to download the app here. Which you should. It’s very cool. The app and the early chapters are free, and the season pass for all eleven chapters (plus some surprises) is $6.99, less than a movie.

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