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Dynamite Road

Private Eyes Scott Weiss and Jim Bishop debut in a hardboiled story of corruption and murder. When his agency is hired to investigate corruption at a small town airport, Weiss sends his operative Bishop to the scene. Bishop’s a cold, hard man, ready to take advantage of a lonely pilot’s wife, bust up a bar, or trade bullets with an army of goons to get the information he wants. Soon, he uncovers a massive conspiracy centered on a hired killer Weiss has been looking for for years. Weiss, meanwhile, has connected the investigation to Julie Wyant, a mysterious beauty who captures the imagination of every man she meets. With Bishop’s life in danger, Weiss enters into a deadly race against time, trying to stop the murderer who stalks his nightmares and rescue the woman who haunts his dreams.

“Superb suspense by a master storyteller.” Clive Cussler
True Crime
A blazing hot day at the height of a St. Louis summer. Through the bars of a cell on Death Row, two men meet for the first time. One is newspaperman Steve Everett, a hard drinking philanderer whose life is about to unravel. The other is Frank Beachum, a loving husband, a good father and a faithful Christian, whose life is about to end.

In the dwindling hours before midnight tonight, the only hope they have is each other.

“One of the best novels to come down the pike in gripping and plot-switching that you won't be able to put it down." --USA TODAY
Don't Say A Word
They call Dr. Nathan Conrad “The Psychiatrist of The Damned,” but he enters a hell of his own when his five-year-old daughter vanishes from their Manhattan apartment. Kidnappers watching his every move, listening to his every word, give him only hours to uncover a secret locked in the mind of a disturbed young woman… a secret she vows she’ll never tell.
“Hide the welcome mat, pull the blinds and take the phone off the hook, because you’ll be dead to the world from the very first page of Don’t Say A Word.” New York Daily News.
Hunting Down Amanda
A chance encounter on a lonely Manhattan street. A heartbroken jazzman and a mysterious woman on the run. A single night of intense lovemaking that spirals into obsession…

Saxophonist Lonnie Blake wants only to set his eyes—and his hands—and his lips—on Carol Dodson again. But Carol is not what she seems. Apparently a lost soul of the streets, she is in fact the lone guardian of an incredible secret and the desperately resourceful prey of an unstoppable hunt. And Lonnie’s obsession with her is about to lead him into a lightning-fast, kill-or-be-killed race with a gang of international killers intent on tracking Carol down.

“A brilliantly conceived page turner.” People Magazine
Man and Wife
“Maybe if I had loved her less, there would’ve been no murder.” Psychiatrist Cal Bradley’s perfect marriage is about to become a dark territory of secrets and sudden death. And before he can face the truth, he’s going to have to choose—between everything he believes is right and everything he loves.

“Andrew Klavan may be one of the best authors of psychological suspense writing today.” The Rocky Mountain News.

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"I don't care about justice, not in this life or the next.  To be honest, I don't even care very much about what's right and wrong.  I never have.  All I care about are the things that happen."  True Crime

"The right apartment was tough to find, so they murdered the old lady."  Don't Say A Word

"One note and another, no matter how close, have an infinite distance between them, and that's where the blues happen.  The same can be said of people, of one person and another.  That's why the blues get played."  Hunting Down Amanda

"Maybe if I had loved her less there would've been no murder."  Man And Wife

"Have a big life.  Have a real life, Sophie.  With, like, musical numbers and chariot races.  Even just inside, even just a Fred and Ginger dancing around in your head.  It's important.  Trust me on this, kid.  I know about this.  Cause it's short.  It really is.  We don't stay long.  You gotta do it big time."  The Uncanny

The Uncanny
A modern re-invention of the classic English ghost story. Horror movie producer Richard Storm comes to England on a mission: to find evidence that the human spirit lives on after death. Linking up with Harper Albright, an eccentric pipe-smoking old woman who runs a magazine devoted to the paranormal, he begins an attempt to uncover the truth behind a series of classic ghost stories.

But Storm’s nightmares are about to step down off the screen into real life. He’s about to begin a journey through his deepest passions and his darkest fears, through a love stronger than death to a mystery older than time, down a path formed by the classic tales themselves into the very heart of the uncanny.

"Klavan pulls out all the stops . . . .The suspense is high, the fun factor higher." --Publishers Weekly
The Animal Hour
It’s Halloween morning, and Nancy Kincaid is about to discover that she’s disappeared. When she walks into her office at one of New York City’s top law firms, no one recognizes her. In fact, her co-workers threaten to call the police if she doesn’t get out.

Soon, she’s alone on the streets of Manhattan, searching desperately for the life that’s been pulled out from under her. She has only one clue: a weird, insistent little voice whispering in her ear that someone is going to be murdered tonight—and she’s got to find out who it is by eight o’clock, the Animal Hour.

“Andrew Klavan is the most original American novelist of crime and suspense since Cornell Woolrich.” Stephen King.
For seven years, newspaper editor Sally Dawes has been locked in a bitter battle of wits with the Sheriff of rural Auburn County. Her quest to uncover the truth about his rise to power has been blocked at every turn. Enter Sidney Merriwether, a handsome stranger down on his luck who wangles a job on Sally’s paper through family connections. Merriwether’s not much good as a reporter but the lonely Sally wants more from him than a day’s work.

Now, a murder threatens to blow the county apart, and Sally and Merriwether find themselves trying to find the truth—and tangled in their own web of lies and corruption.

“Klavan is as good as they get.” Tony Hillerman.

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