Revolting Truth: #GamerGate Forever!

In which our well-dressed, stylish host explores the coordinated left-wing media attacks on video games and the amazing response by gamers in defense of their right to be actual humans who like things that actual humans…

Revolting Truth: Helping the Pro-Obama Media Learn From the Past

In which our sincere host helps befuddled pro-Obama journalists learn critical lessons from their butt-kissing past. Full transcript here.

Send Baby Jonah to the Super Bowl

Those of you who study post office wanted posters may have cause to remember Justin Folk, but he was also the award-winning and smugly brilliant visuals guy on PJMedia’s Klavan on the Culture videos and is currently…

GBTV Interview

Here’s a good interview GBTV‘s Scott Baker did with me last week: If you haven’t subscribed yet… why?

Me on CBN

Really enjoyed this interview with the charming and intelligent Jennifer Wishon of Christian Broadcasting Network, concerning The Final Hour and other matters. There’s a lot more of me on the CBN website.

KOC: The One State Solution

Just to show that PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture isn’t all frolicsome hijinks and mirthful merriment, in this edition we take time out to solve the problems of the Middle East.  Completely.  Once and for all. …

Well, This Looks Promising

J.J. Abrams has a new television series coming out on CBS called “Person of Interest,” about a washed-up CIA agent who becomes a sort of high-tech vigilante. The star is Jim Caviezel who, of course, played…

The Administration and Israel

PJTV is now making some of these Andrew-Klavan-slash-Bill-Whittle mini talk shows – originally intended for PJTV’s subscribers and Facebook friends – available on YouTube. Here’s one that seems particularly relevant:

KOC: Ding Dong bin Laden’s Dead

After Seal Team Six burst into Osama bin Laden’s Pakistani compound and put a couple of rounds in the terrorist’s eye – blowing his brains out the back of his head prior to feeding his body…

More Me at MRC

If you’d like to get some more laughs by watching me at the Media Research Center’s annual gala presenting the I‘m Not A Political Genius But I Play One on TV award, click the link here….