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Last Thing Makes First List
Jul 29, 2009

Andrew's first novel for Young Adults, "The Last Thing I Remember," has made it onto a Christian Booksellers Association bestseller list for the month of August. The novel appears at number seven on the CBA's Young Adult list, which includes both fiction and non-fiction titles. "The Last Thing I Remember" was published by Thomas Nelson in April.

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The Last Thing I Remember
Apr 30, 2009

Andrew's new suspense novel for Young Adults is now available at bookstores and "The Last Thing I Remember" is the story of Charlie West, an ordinary, straight arrow teenager who goes to bed one night and wakes up strapped to a chair being tortured by jihadists. Charlie's desperate struggle to find out how he got into a situation like this will challenge him in every way, forcing him to rely on his faith, his courage and his fighting skills to stay alive. This is the first novel in Andrew's Homelanders series from Thomas Nelson publishers.

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War And Movies
Apr 14, 2009

The Bellum blog, a project of the Stanford Review dealing with geopolitics and international security, recently asked Andrew some questions about Hollywood war movies. His answers are now posted: “To my mind, even if you make a great film, if it endangers American troops in the field fighting to defend you, well, congratulations, you won the Oscar, but as a human being, you’re trash.”

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Klavan on PJTV
Apr 2, 2009

The first of Andrew's "Klavan on the Culture" video commentaries is now playing on PJTV. It's entitled "Shut Up," and you can find it here: or on YouTube under Klavan on the Culture. There'll be more to come next week, so keep watching PJTV.

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Andrew in Pajamas
Feb 18, 2009

Andrew has now joined forces with Pajamas Media and has a new blog there called "Klavan on the Culture." He'll also soon be doing commentaries by the same name on PJTV. Along with his writings at City Journal and on the blog Big Hollywood, Andrew hopes to use this exciting, frequently-updated new venue to challenge the assumptions poured into the American consciousness through our culture. In his opening salvo, Andrew writes: "For the last forty years, we conservatives have allowed the left to monopolize the culture. Partly, sure, that’s because the left excludes and blacklists conservative artists. But it’s also due to our own neglect, philistinism and old-fogey-ositude. Whatever the causes, though, movies, television, literature, music, mainstream news, liberal arts courses in universities—all the bastions of cultural power are in the hands of leftist rascals, fools and clowns." Join Andrew at for Klavan on the Culture.

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