Off To ThrillerFest

I head out to New York this week for the International Thriller Writers ThrillerFest where (as you can read over in the news section) I’ll do a panel and attend the award ceremony — If We Survive is nominated for best YA. I’ve had a couple of months of insane deadlines, the work so dense I’ve barely been able to breathe let alone keep my various web presences operational. But I’ve sent my beloved editor at Thomas Nelson the first in a new YA series, a science fiction thriller; done some screenwriting work; and am coming to the end of an adult novel that I think is really good and different — so it’s been a productive time at any rate.

When I get back, I hope to have some more movie news and maybe some updates on Nightmare City, my YA to be published by Thomas Nelson this winter. Plus I’ll be attending a party in LA to celebrate the launch of The Beholden State, which includes a piece by me.

I should also give a shout-out to Neal Edelstein and the folks over at Haunting Melissa. The world’s first ever ghost-movie-in-an-app continues to rock the app store, and you should be hearing a lot more about it as Halloween approaches. Very exciting stuff.

So it’s a very busy time, and I’m looking forward to getting away from my desk for a few days to see my New York friends, editors and agents. More on my return.

Panel on Fatherhood and Men

I really enjoyed participating in the 4th annual Conference on Fatherhood and Men, hosted by BOND and its founder, the remarkable Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson. I was on a panel, moderated by JLP, with two really exceptional guys: Dr. David J. Glass, who is both a Family Law Attorney and a psychologist and David Byrd, a Marriage and Family Therapist and football coach. I can honestly say that these two other panelists were so informed and insightful that I was more interested in listening than talking, though I tried to do my part.

But the thing that struck me most was the sense of antagonism many of the men present felt toward women — I don’t just mean anger, though there was that, but a sense of hurt too, a feeling that men were not being treated fairly either by the opposite sex or by a feminist society in general. I’ve noticed this before online when I’ve written about women. I’ll make some joke or write something satirical about women, and guys will start leaving furious comments, not only taking my kidding remarks at face value, but really unloading with a feeling of rage and a sense that they are unfairly mistreated by the supposedly fairer sex.

This subject has been coming to the fore recently. The wonderful Insta-Wife, Dr. Helen Smith has just published Men on Strike: Why Men are Boycotting Marriage, Fatherhood and the American Dream — and Why it Matters.  And of course the likewise wonderful Christina Hoff Sommers has been talking about this for years.

It is odd — and I said something like this on the panel — having had such a lovely marriage all these decades, and having rejected feminism in favor of individualism from the start, I’ve remained quite fond of women in general. But I hear men telling me it can be very bad out there in a world that has become crushingly antithetical to who and what they are. While Jesse Lee Peterson and I may not agree on every issue, I think it’s vital to have courageous (or more precisely, fearless) voices like his standing up for the kind of old fashioned values too many women (and men) have tried to throw aside.

Andrew at ThrillerFest

Andrew will be in New York in July to attend ThrillerFest, the annual conference of the International Thriller Writers. The conference will be held at the Grand Hyatt July 10-13. Andrew will participate on a panel at 4PM on Saturday, the 13th. The panel subject: “What is my Hero’s Journey: Character Arcs.” Later that evening, the ITW will host an awards banquet. Andrew’s novel If We Survive has been nominated for best young adult thriller of the year.

The Beholden State is Published

The Beholden State: California’s Lost Promise and How to Recapture It is now officially published and available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and all the rest.  This is a collection of writings on California’s troubles from my friends at City Journal and includes excellent essays by the great Victor Davis Hansen, Steven Malanga, Joel Kotkin, Heather Mac Donald and others. Among those others is me, (or I), with my essay on the movies, The Lost Art of War.

The thing I love about City Journal is that the writers and thinkers there are not concerned with party politics, but only with what works. They’ll support Democrats or Republicans, as long as they come up with real solutions to problems — and solutions that don’t compromise American principles of freedom. Also, they’re really good writers and thinkers.

Take a look at the book — and take a look at the journal itself too.

$2.51 Kindle Sale Continues

Most of Andrew’s young adult thrillers continue to be on sale at the Amazon Kindle store, with prices now down to $2.51. All the books in the Homelanders series — The Last Thing I RememberThe Long Way HomeThe Truth of the Matter and The Final Hour — and If We Survive, one of this years International Thriller Writer nominees for best YA thriller — will be available at that low price until June 23rd.