• Revolting Truth: Is Obamacare working, or are we all going to die?

    In which our inquisitive host, Andrew Klavan, ferrets out the truth to the question on everyone’s mind: Is Obamacare working, or are the death panels that the administration swears don’t exist already heading to our houses…

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  • Is Christianity Essential for Freedom?

    PJTV member “Will Do Math for Food” asks if Jesus’ followers created the best basis for a “pursuit of happiness” society? Is Christianity the sine qua non?

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  • Hostage jacket crop

    MindWar #2: Hostage Run

    Andrew’s MindWar trilogy of sci-fi thrillers for young adults continues this March with Hostage Run.  It’s available for pre-order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble and elsewhere. Here’s the description: Rick Dial is faced with an impossible…

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  • Werewolf Cop Edit

    “Werewolf Cop” Is Coming

    A riveting new novel for adults from Andrew, Werewolf Cop, is set for publication in March. “Werewolf Cop moves like a freight train–a classic white-knuckled police procedural with the chills of a midnight horror movie, and the best kind of old-fashioned…

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