Is Christianity Essential for Freedom?

PJTV member “Will Do Math for Food” asks if Jesus’ followers created the best basis for a “pursuit of happiness” society? Is Christianity the sine qua non?

The Administration and Israel

PJTV is now making some of these Andrew-Klavan-slash-Bill-Whittle mini talk shows – originally intended for PJTV’s subscribers and Facebook friends – available on YouTube. Here’s one that seems particularly relevant:

I Heart The Tea Party

Just got back from Phoenix, Arizona where, along with PJTV’s Bill Whittle and Joe Hicks, I spoke to the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit. I have to say, if there were no such thing as…

Andrew & Whittle in New Show

Andrew will join Declaration Entertainment’s Bill Whittle in a new show on PJTV, beginning this month.  Andrew and Bill will ask each other questions submitted by PJTV audience members and discuss their answers.  The show will…

Tea for Two

Because of our startling resemblance to one another, many people refuse to believe that PJTV’s Bill Whittle and I are actually two separate people. To prove it, we sat down together late last week to discuss…