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Edgar Award-winner and internationally bestselling novelist tells of his improbable conversion from agnostic Jewish-intellectual to baptized Christian and of the books that led him there.

“Had I stumbled on the hallelujah truth, or just gone mad—or, that is, had I gone mad again?”

No one was more surprised than Andrew Klavan when, at the age of fifty, he found himself about to be baptized. Best known for his hard-boiled, white-knuckle thrillers and for the movies made from them—among them True Crime (directed by Clint Eastwood) and Don’t Say a Word (starring Michael Douglas)—Klavan was born in a suburban Jewish enclave outside New York City. He left the faith of his childhood behind to live most of his life as an agnostic in the secular, sophisticated atmosphere of New York, London, and Los Angeles. But his lifelong quest for truth—in his life and in his work—was leading him to a place he never expected.

In The Great Good Thing, Klavan tells how his troubled childhood caused him to live inside the stories in his head and grow up to become an alienated young writer whose disconnection and rage devolved into depression and suicidal breakdown. But he also stumbled into a genuine romance, a passionate and committed marriage whose uncommon and enduring devotion convinced him of the reality of love.

In those years, Klavan fought to ignore the insistent call of God, a call glimpsed in a childhood Christmas at the home of a beloved babysitter, in a transcendent moment at his daughter’s birth, and in a snippet of a baseball game broadcast that moved him from the brink of suicide. But more than anything, the call of God existed in stories—the stories Klavan loved to read and the stories he loved to write.

The Great Good Thing is the dramatic, soul-searching story of a man born into an age of disbelief who had to abandon everything he thought he knew in order to find his way to the truth.


  • Klavan’s Story and His Writing Style Will Capture and Hold Your Attention
    Delighted at yet another account of how the One who made us, shows His magnificence in how He draws us to an awareness of Himself. Klavan's writing skills deliver his story with clarity and honesty, showing us how the God we cannot see right now is pursuing us in love. His struggles with his father brought me to tears and reminded me once again, that I'm not the only one in that struggle. Thankful for the peace & joy that Andrew enjoys, calling attention to the One who gave it.
  • Unexpectedly Interesting…
    Coyote Jake
    Not what I expected from a "Jesus book" — thank God. As a fan of Andrew Klavan's fiction, I didn't know what to expect in a nonfiction offering—especially in a religious book. Great insight into how he became who he is today. If you like Klavan's work, this is a delightful change from his typical thrillers. As Mr. Klavan points out in interviews, it's more of a love letter to his wife, and that really stands out in the tenderness and vulnerability he demonstrates in detailing what situations and decisions led to his declaration of faith.
  • One amazing Jew!
    B. Hoffman
    Andrew Klavan #1 he knows how to word kraft, #2 he knows how to tell a good story, #3 I love how he describes traversing the socio/academic/political landscape from the sixties to the present with great insight and verve!!! He reads his own book on audio. What a treasure. I LOVE him, his revelations and transparency. Oh, and I love how he loves his wife. I agree with his world view -that the Bible is at the root of the western world ethos but most of all I love the thoughtful way he came to his observations. AND I love his final revelation of JOY. I hope people aren't so closed minded or prejudiced not to go to their libraries and read (for free) one chapter...
  • A Great Really Good Read!
    YAS Girl
    Such an interesting path Andrew has walked thus far. I'm so glad he decided to share this part of his story with the world. He shares his walk with the LORD as he tries to convince himself that there is no God. Both his parents were agnostic or atheist, but yet there is some thing he continues to seek.
  • Great Read. Don’t Miss this Opportunity.
    Love this book, love Andrew Klavan's story, love the conversion and love, love, love the message. I walked with him through every step. Even though we didn't go to the same college, etc., I certainly experienced some of the same angst, depression, neurotic tendencies, etc. and I, also, had to walk softly [my ego] and carry a big stick [my psychotherapy] to find my way out of the weeds and realize my relationship with God, Jesus Christ and my true self were very much in tact the whole time. Waking up to my true nature, my true self and the consistency of being guided, guarded and governed by a higher power in every aspect and phase of my life has given me a similar kind of joy that is described in the book. A delightful, insightful and an extremely honest self examination by Andrew Klavan - one of the finest writer of our time. Read it, reflect on it and yourself, you won't regret it.