Author: Andrew Klavan

Hunting Down Amanda

Hunting Down Amanda by Andrew Klavan (image)

Amanda is playing in the backyard when the plane explodes overhead.

Agnes Mallory

Agnes Mallory by Andrew Klavan (image)

A decades-old mystery and the memory of a young girl haunt a reclusive man in a thrilling novel of suspense from an Edgar Award winner.


Corruption by Andrew Klavan (image)

Obsessed with uncovering the truth behind a corrupt sheriff’s power, journalist Sally Dawes enters a battle of wills with Cyrus Dolittle as the latter campaigns for a county election, but her own secrets threaten Sally’s life.

The Animal Hour

The Animal Hour by Andrew Klavan (image)

Voices invade a young woman’s head, compelling her to kill.

Mrs. White

Mrs. White by Andrew Klavan and Laurence Klavan writing at Margaret Tracy (image)

In the suburbs of Connecticut, a carpenter embarks on a gruesome killing spree.