Category: Suspense

Werewolf Cop

Werewolf Cop by Andrew Klavan (image)

From Edgar Award-winning Andrew Klavan, a supernatural thriller about a good cop in the grips of an evil curse: the first in a trilogy about a crime-fighter on a quest to control the beast within.

A Killer in the Wind

A Killer in the Wind by Andrew Klavan (image)

Three years ago, Dan Champion uncovered a criminal syndicate run by a kingpin known only as the Fat Woman. Champion infiltrated her world of murder, obsession, and perversity, but the case also broke him. He began hallucinating and taking drugs.

The Scarred Man

The Scarred Man by Andrew Klavan writing as Keith Peterson (image)

A ghost story forces a man to confront the darkest secret of his past

There Fell a Shadow

There Fell a Shadow by Andrew Klavan writing as Keith Peterson (image)

A newspaperman investigates a war correspondent’s hotel room murder.

True Crime

True Crime by Andrew Klavan (image)

In the heat of the city, a man is out of time: speeding in a beat-up Ford Tempo, blasting easy-listening music. Reporter Steve Everett drinks too much, makes love to his boss’s wife, and has just stumbled upon a shocking truth: a convicted killer is about to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit.

Rough Justice

Rough Justice by Andrew Klavan writing as Keith Peterson (image)

A tip from a dying cop puts a reporter on a long-closed murder case.

The Rain

The Rain by Andrew Klavan writing as Keith Peterson (image)

A dead source draws a newspaperman into a murder investigation.

The Trapdoor

The Trapdoor by Andrew Klavan writing as Keith Peterson (image)

A reporter must overcome personal tragedy to cover a grisly assignment.

The Uncanny

The Uncanny by Andrew Klavan (image)

Andrew Klavan reinvents the classic ghost story with this literary X-Files, a breathtaking blend of Hollywood-style excitement and literary tour de force.

The Identity Man

The Identity Man by Andrew Klavan (image)

“A gritty, twist-filled thriller” of crime and corruption by a two-time Edgar Award winner (The Wall Street Journal).